Sunday, October 16, 2011

big happenings!

hey hey!
 This weekend there was an awesome leadership retreat for the 1 star Diamond ranks and above ( for beachbody coaching) in Laguna Beach Ca. I qualified to go and could not attend. I was so mad and upset about it, but now I understand that God just had better plans for me that I could not see. I will get into that later.

As of right now this is the big news that has come from BB corporate
1. Beachbody has partnered with Les Mills and will be offering a home version of bodypump and it will be available in early 2012. AWESOME

2. There will be a P90X certification only available to beachbody coaches, so that they can teach P90X in gyms. AWESOME

3. Tropical Shakeology will be available in January 2012 and will be VEGAN! YEAH! This will reach out to a much broader market. AWESOME

4. There is a Tai Chi workout coming out soon...also widening the people we can reach

5. Brett Hoebel has 2 new workouts coming out

6. There will be a BUNDLE option so people can buy a few things at once and get a discount.

I am so excited for all of this. I love that I am apart of this company and that I will be able to change our future bc of it.

Now onto what I did this weekend instead of going to Laguna Beach

I went to a Womens retreat with 2 of my friends to see ANGELA THOMAS
and she was amazing. It was the BEST womens event I have ever been to. I have only been to a handful of them and 1 of them was really disappointing actually. This one was amazing. I have never fully been able to feel like I was really truly forgiven for my biggest sins, and FINALLY yesterday after writing them down on a little notecard and kneeling at the alter, and crying while praying to God and listening to the lovely ladies sing worship music, I was able to feel some peace, and literally get up and THROW THOSE SINS AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS. It was amazing.
I have never felt so free. Then I went into the gorgeous prayer room that was decorated so soothing and beautifully and I wrote out those big sins and chains that held me down, one more time, this time in deteal rather than in one or two words, and I put them in the prayer box. One of the women who was in there prayed for me, as I sobbed and felt so heavy, and as she was finishing, and we said amen, i new that was it. I was forgiven, and I felt peace and i felt light and it felt amazing.
It was such an intense day.
That is why it did not work out for me to go to Laguna Beach.
It was much more important for me to be at this retreat. I am so glad I was there.
Thank you GOD

Ok, now I have only 45 minutes to shower and get us all ready and get to church! HA!

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