Sunday, October 16, 2011

big happenings!

hey hey!
 This weekend there was an awesome leadership retreat for the 1 star Diamond ranks and above ( for beachbody coaching) in Laguna Beach Ca. I qualified to go and could not attend. I was so mad and upset about it, but now I understand that God just had better plans for me that I could not see. I will get into that later.

As of right now this is the big news that has come from BB corporate
1. Beachbody has partnered with Les Mills and will be offering a home version of bodypump and it will be available in early 2012. AWESOME

2. There will be a P90X certification only available to beachbody coaches, so that they can teach P90X in gyms. AWESOME

3. Tropical Shakeology will be available in January 2012 and will be VEGAN! YEAH! This will reach out to a much broader market. AWESOME

4. There is a Tai Chi workout coming out soon...also widening the people we can reach

5. Brett Hoebel has 2 new workouts coming out

6. There will be a BUNDLE option so people can buy a few things at once and get a discount.

I am so excited for all of this. I love that I am apart of this company and that I will be able to change our future bc of it.

Now onto what I did this weekend instead of going to Laguna Beach

I went to a Womens retreat with 2 of my friends to see ANGELA THOMAS
and she was amazing. It was the BEST womens event I have ever been to. I have only been to a handful of them and 1 of them was really disappointing actually. This one was amazing. I have never fully been able to feel like I was really truly forgiven for my biggest sins, and FINALLY yesterday after writing them down on a little notecard and kneeling at the alter, and crying while praying to God and listening to the lovely ladies sing worship music, I was able to feel some peace, and literally get up and THROW THOSE SINS AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS. It was amazing.
I have never felt so free. Then I went into the gorgeous prayer room that was decorated so soothing and beautifully and I wrote out those big sins and chains that held me down, one more time, this time in deteal rather than in one or two words, and I put them in the prayer box. One of the women who was in there prayed for me, as I sobbed and felt so heavy, and as she was finishing, and we said amen, i new that was it. I was forgiven, and I felt peace and i felt light and it felt amazing.
It was such an intense day.
That is why it did not work out for me to go to Laguna Beach.
It was much more important for me to be at this retreat. I am so glad I was there.
Thank you GOD

Ok, now I have only 45 minutes to shower and get us all ready and get to church! HA!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

back in the GYM ( a scary place)

Good Morning! Today is a Tuesday. Last night I tried to cancel with my trainer- I havent worked out in almost a week, I have been eating badly and over eating, and I was cold, tired and cranky. She told me that I could not cancel and had to meet her. So I did. We met at One Life ( which was a huge Golds gym, and they changed the name) When I pulled into the parking lot, after teaching bootcamp, I sat there and I was actually a little nervous to go inside!
What!?!?!? I have worked at gyms since I was 19, and been involved in fitness since then as well. I teach bootcamps 6 times a week and do personal training 2 times a week as WHY on earth was I feeling nervous to go in? Its been a while since I have worked out INSIDE a gym. If I FEEL THIS WAY, I can only imagine what it is like for a brand new beginner, or someone with over 100 pounds to lose. Gyms can be very very very intimidating.
So, I went in. She put me through a leg workout then when we were all done and my legs were twitching and I could hardly stand, she made me run a mile, in 8:30. OMG, I thought I was going to die. My legs were so very very tired and shaky last night, I thought I would wake up unable to walk this am, but so far so good.
I started my day with a protein shake ( just 4 oz) and now I am enjoying my coffee.

( ok so now it is 12 hours later and my computer was acting funny all day and i have lost my train of thought... i will just upload my pics and finsih quick!)

Changing the topic....
we had a Fischer family photo shoot over the weekend, 8 adults and 8 kids and here are a few of the pics

She did a good job huh? And we all have some pretty good looking kids!

I will blog again tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I never know what to call my posts.

As I sit here, at 9:03 am, i have already been awake for 90 minutes. I am eating some old fashioned oats, with 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree, 1/2 a small banana, and a tsp of cinnamon, and a tbsp of chopped nuts. Its really yummy, and pumpkin is AWESOME for you. I am on my 2nd cup of coffee. ALivia is in the bathroom yelling for me to wipe her darn butt, and Bryson keeps coming over saying " bite, share" and wanting my oatmeal. I am listening to Pandora radio on the "adele" station.

 I have found some really amazing songs on there lately, like this one....
I like it in many variations, from many different singers. Almost obsessively.

Last night I had my first session with my new personal trainer. She was great.  We did 3 sets of 4 lower body exercises. ( we warmed up with abs) and we used 2 20 pound weights and 1 35 pound weight. YIKES! ANd then we did a bunch of stuff on the hill and stairs ( walking lunges, side squats, running etc), it was good stuff. My legs were very shaky by the end. And my hamstrings are pretty darn sore right now. And my low back. and even my shoulder/ upper back area from holding on to either 40 or 35 pounds of iron. HA!

It felt great. Tomorrow will be our 2nd session and we will work arms. She told me to only bring 5 and 8 pound weights. i never use 5s and was wary about it but she kept telling me to trust her and that 5 would be more than enough. so i am slightly scared.

I need to start packing soon. Me and the kids are headed to NY on friday morning at 6:30 am. I teach bootcamp till 6 am and plan to have the car fully loaded. I will come home, go pee, get new coffee, and we will load 2 sleeping kids in jammies, into the car to begin out 10-11 hour ride.

I am NOT excited about the ride at all. BUt I am SO EXCITED about my schedule when I am there....1. photoshoot with samantha, dinner at my moms with some friends, seeing 2 of my freinds new babies that i have not yet seen, a big hike with my brother, sister and beth, a sleepover at beths!, dinner and a movie with some friends, apple picking with my mom, a visit with my dads family, and church at Temple Baptist for the first time in many years.
I will probably take about 500 pictures when I am home!

Alright- well there is an update of a bunch of randomness. Gotta go do some abs, and stretching and figure out what to do with these kids today. I am thinking PARK at Great Neck. First time there in a long time!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

no good on my word!

WOW! last week I said I was going to blog with pics of everything i ate. I didnt! I am a serious slacker! OPPS!

However- here is something I am doing... I am hiring a trainer. I picked this person for many reasons, and we are currently working out the details. ALthough I am a trainer, and it is my JOB to get other people fit, I still need help. Lots of it. Although, I do all of my beachbody programs and love them and see results from them, I still need help. The beachbody trainers are not MAKING me food journal.
I need a trainer. I need to get this weight off and that is my number ONE priority for MYSELF right now. Its got to come off.
I am confident that this lady can help make that happen for me.

Alivia decided she wanted to go back to tap and ballet. She missed her first class last night b/c she was sick.

she is also missing her first day back to preschool today. I tool her to teh dr this am for a well visit...turns out she has strep throat pretty bad and coxsackie virus. Boo to that.
She wants to be a mermaid and a dolphin. Just FYI

Bryson is FINALLY starting to put 2-3 words together and is super duper strong and super duper cute. I feel bad for alivia b/c whereever we go people always drool and comment on how cute bryson is. She is just as cute, in just a different way. But he totally gets all of the attention from strangers. As of right now, he is not sick. But they were sharing cups yesterday, so I am just WAITING for it to happen.

Jasons bday is coming up this weekend. He will be 33! YIKES! We are getting old! I remember when we were soooo young and getting married! Goes by fast!

Have a good day peeps!

Monday, September 5, 2011

TuTu Tutorial!

Today is a first for me, I am doing a tutorial! FUN!
So yesterday I ran in my 2nd ever 1/2 marathon. It was the Rock N Roll 1/2. It was awesome and I had a lot of fun running it. For those of you who dont know how far a 1/2 marathon is, its 13.1 miles. yep, thirteen point one. Its a long way.

 I wanted to make a tutu to wear to the race. So i did a google and youtube search and I looked at a few things and then I made my way to JoAnn fabrics.
 Here is what we do...
I got 3 different kinds of Tulle. 2 huge safety pins, and 2 strips of 1.5 inch elastic bands. and you need scissors. I thought I was gonna spend about $15, not. It was actually $40 for all of this. You are looking at 12 yards of tulle there folks. and that dark pink glitter one cost 5.99 a yard, so i only got 4 of that one.

you then take one of the strips of tulle, and roll it up. after you roll it up you cut it, just about every 3 inches. each little roll give you 2 LONG strips. However, i made the mistake of making them way too long for my first tutu and wasted alot of tulle b/c i ended up just cutting most of it off.
 So what I recommend ( and what i will do next time) is just roughly measure from your waist ( or wherever you plan on your elastic band going) and measure down to where you want your tutu to stop...and then double it ( b/c you fold each strip in1/2)

In the first pic above you can see that i tied a knot at the top. that was a waste of time, and not needed. So all you do is fold the strip in 1/2 make a loop at the top, and then pull the whole strip through it. thats it!

you then repeat about 100 times...

 there was tulle all over my floor. I left it there and went to bed. It took me about 2 good long hours to get this far. I had to work on it for about 15-20 minutes the next day. I had to also make a second one for my friend to wear. Hers took way less time than mine. Now that I have to hang of it. I plan to make a tutu for each and every race I run from now on. Its my new thing. LOL

 also- i secured it around me with ONE big safety pin. and it worked great!

This was me and kelly in line for the nasty portta potties right before the race. I finished in 2 hours and 44 minutes. Crazy. The last 1/4 mile is always emotional for me. My eyes fill with tears, I am thanking God for allowing me to to a 1/2 marathon, I am searching the crowds for Jasons face, I see hundred of people yelling and screaming and cheering and telling me that I am almost there. Its an amazing feeling. I pick up my pace and basically turn into a sprint for me. I can see the finish line and I just want to cross it.

The emcee comments on my tutu as I come running in, he yells my name and I can think is I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT and Thank God thats over!

What a challenge!
 If you havent done one..... do one! Its an amazing accomplishment!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

new things!

Hey Hey Hey! SO i have been a bad blogger! I havent blogged in over 2 weeks. YIKES. but during that time, i had family here for 4 nights, a mild earthquake that caused a small ruckus. Then hurricane IRENE, then we left town for 2 nights to avoid it, got a new ( used) car, and jason started doing some temp work with his brother. yada yada.
 Here is the dealy....
 I have been eating whatever I want. I need to stop. I am running a 1/2 marathon this coming Sunday so that has prevented  me from gaining any weight, but I have NOT lost any either. I have also been doing a new workout while lifting 20 pound weights for the past 1.5 weeks ( and loving it)....
 I will be heading home to NY in  16 days! I need to lose almost 10 pounds! I will set my goal to 7. 7 is a good number. So i am going back to food journaling and taking pics of EVERYTHING I eat. Beginning TODAY. Although0 the organic blue corn with flax chips with hummus i ate for breakfast are already down the hatch!
  Also- I am changing the name of this blog...... i want to include FAMILY in it b/c one of my dear old freinds doesnt want to read about my food and fitness. he wants to read about my family and kids. LOL. we love you Jon and Nic!

  So here is a quick update! Bryson has finally started to say more words...good thing b/c he is 26 months old and we see kids who are 20 months saying way way way more than him! Alivia is starting preschool 3 days a week this coming week and is as sweet as ever.

more update on them later ( promise) with pics! Promise!
come back tomorrow for that and all the pics of the foods i ate today!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


short story of me and jason, and our wedding!
we met on a blind date set up by scott and heather fischer....
we dated for 9 months, got engaged and then a few months later i entered a contest called BRIDAL SURVIVOR ( 2004) i was one of like 300 who sent in applications. from there 25 were selected as semi finalists, and had to answer more ” personality based” questions. From there, 10 finalists were selected.
I of course, was one of them.

We had one weeks notice. I was a full time college student, and I worked 3 jobs, cleaning a doctors office 1 day a week, and at 2 local gyms the other days. So I had a lot to figure out. Plus i shared an apt with Beth and still had bills to pay.

I got coverage for all of my jobs, and my hubby agreed to go to one of my classes for me and take notes. and one of my other very LOYAL friends….. actually wrote a paper for me!!! I told her she had to dumb it down a little bit so the teacher would not know. lololol.

I planned on staying in for 10 days. this way i would only miss 1 week of school.
All we knew was that is for $15,000 towards a wedding. We knew we had to meet at an empty store front at a mall in Albany. We could only bring, a pillow, a sleeping bag, something borrowed and something blue.
I brought a toothbrush, and a ” borrowed” notebook with a pen inside. I was addicted to lipgloss, so i smuggled in 2 different ones. LOL
Thats it.

We had to live in this store front. We had to wear really ugly old, used, wedding dresses 24/7. We had to eat Wendys food 3 times a day….and mind you, they do not serve breakfast. and we had no shower. no change of clothes. no clean under wear. lol. we could not leave and no one except the dj’s or the ” bride sitters” could come in.

We did different contests, just like the real survivor. One was called to have or to hold……and we had to hold a 10lb block of ice with our bare hands, untill we were the last one standing…. I won. after 2 hours and 44 minutes. my biceps have never been more sore in my life. frost bite will occur after 3 hours….we were close. LOL

for winning that i got to go out into the mall with jason for 1 hour. while chaperoned by a a dj. i got $10 to spend on hygiene products in CVS. i bought deodorant, some cheap makeup, and i think, some gum.
we had to do other contests as well. but the ice one was my favorite. we were on the news alot. we were on the radio everyday. people came out just to see us. they would crowd around the front of the store like they were looking at a new litter of puppies. LOL.

( back tracking a minute…..on the first day, 1 lady did not make it in time and was disqualified. another lady was in grad school, and said she could not stay past the first day and left after dinner…… day 5 a girl kissed her fiance through the “roped off door way” so she was disqualified, and then a few others straggled out. by day 10, it was me and 2 other girls….i had to stay. i was 2 people away from a 15,000 wedding)
it was mostly boring though. we just sat there. around day 11 or so, jasons ex girlfriend emailed the station and asked for them to buy us new underwear. :) so they did.

one day  we woke up from a nap and found that one of the girls, was gone and the contest was now down to just 2 of us. this was the same day that we had to spend 24 hours of silence. we had to sit facing away from the doors and windows. we could not talk, we could not laugh, we could not do anything. they brought us our food 3 times and that was it.

when our time was up me and lindsey ( the other girl) started screaming and moving all over the place. lol. we screamed about the other girl- tina- leaving, about the wendys staff never bringing us creamer with our coffee…..about the bad food, about people banging on the window… 24 hours is a long time to sit facing the wall, and not be able to speak.

finally, on day TWENTY ONE….. it was May 5th…cinco de mayo… and the contest of the day was a boquet toss. i thought i would lose….. and the consequence for the loser, was to eat 5 live tequila worms. at this point i was fried. it was aweful. they had blacked out the windows so we could not see out. they ropped off the room to make it 1/2 the size of what it started with. they turned up the air. they turned up the radio and left it on 24/7, they took away our blanket and pillows. we had nothing. we slept on the floor. my hair was so dirty and nasty. i had not showered in 21 days. i was not sleeping. i was used to teaching kickboxing, yoga and body sculpting classes 6 days a week…i wasnt even moving around the store. i was cold. i was hungry for real FOOD.

so at this point, i said, if i lost the toss, i would not eat the worms and i would leave the contest. however, i miraculously WON. the other girl did not want to eat the worms. which kicked her out of the contest. instead of taking it like a good sport…….she cried and begged and pleadied with me to give her the wedding. she sat on the floor crying and pulling on my knees, begging me to GIVE her the 15,000 wedding i just competed 21 days for.  of course, this was all being broadcast live over the morning radio show. the calls were coming in like crazy. the people were loving the drama. i was not. i wasnted her to stop. finally the dj told her they were going to give her 1000 and a 2 night stay at some place in florida.

i won. i won 15,000. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH for the next few weeks , it was like i was a local celebrity. everywhere i went, people knew who i was. LOL. so funny.

my roommate came to pick up with her 2 year old daughter. they both gagged the whole way home. i was gross. i was still in the wedding dress. my armpit hair was like 4 inches long. lol. not really, but it was long.
they dropped me off at home, and i went to get in the shower…. NO SOAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they did not give me cash. it was all gift certificates too certain places.

1000 to the apple inn wedding dress place
2500 for flowers from renaissance florists
1500 for museum of dance ( reception hall)
9000 for food ( only included 100 plates)
and then some towards wedding bands, and 1 other thing.
we had to still pay for, extra food, wedding cake, photographer, and a few others,
it was amazing.
this is a story you never forget,
i did it. i knew i could do it. and it was amazing!